Smart Cities

SSE AUS are dedicated to leading the drive towards Smart City connectivity across Ireland. 

Smart City technology will ensure that going forward, our critical infrastructure can be controlled, automated and optimised to benefit both communities and local authorities alike. Smart City infrastructure captures data from multiple points/sensors across a city's assets, such as street lighting, buildings, electric vehicles (EVs) and homes. This data is then analysed and converted into meaningful information to allow for better management and optimisation of our city services. 

Our proven technology has helped cities connect their assets and provide remote management of lighting, dimming control, air quality monitoring and road surface temperature measurement. In addition to this, emission & noise monitoring, smart parking and EV charging infrastructure are all accessible on your smart device. Smart technology enables cities of the future to operate smarter, greener and more effectively.

Client benefits: 

  • Footfall analytics
  • Improved mobility within cities
  • Health and Safety (monitoring dark areas)
  • Reduces anti-social behaviour
  • Emissions and pollution monitoring and reporting